Welcome to Waste Connections Inc.

RecycleBank is a program that rewards YOU for recycling. Through this program each customer’s recycling will be weighed and recorded through our system. It can then be tracked by the customer on the RecycleBank website.

The points that the customer earns through this program can then be redeemed for coupons from selected vendors on the website. For more information click on the website below.

Waste Connections, Inc. (WCI) is a regional, integrated, solid waste services company that was formed in 1997. We now serve more than 925,000 Commercial, Industrial and Residential customers in 26 states.

Great News

RecycleBank is coming to Your Area!

Through our subsidiaries in East Tennessee:

  • 2 Class I Landfills
  • 1 Class IV Landfills
  • 4 Transfer Stations
  • 3 Hauling Companies
  • 3 Satellite Operations